Thursday, March 24, 2011

Four One & Only's - The End Is Searching (LP, Noet Lachten Records noet 5, 1987)

I posted a LP by this band before at the request of a friend of mine. He looks at this blog for quite some time, but 'you never post vinyl'. Obviously didn't look long enough, or worse, in this day and age of internet that very common thing of not looking, reading or remembering properly. Daily I get requests for re-up as comments, while I ask them to be an e-mail. Oh well. So when I gave back that LP, he said that if I were to post more vinyl, he had some more LPs. (Actually I borrowed a whole bunch of 7"s back in 2007/8). I am done with tapes it seems. Occasionally there will be a tape, just as in the last three years there occasionally some vinyl, but now there will be only vinyl. First I will go through the LPs I borrowed with is all quite new wavey/punky, then some of mine, before launching into posting a 7" a day. I have quite a collection of those, in a lot of different styles of music, which I intend to post without any information at all (I may have less and less time later this year for this blog, or perhaps I'll start a new blog, 433jukebox). But that's all for later. Here today another LP by The Four One And Only's, a Dutch band from Breda, with naive pop stuff.

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JamesL said...
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433 RPM said...

you do that. good thinking. its not the music that counts but the medium. oh, actually those tapes i posted sound better than the vinyl i post. but i can't post what i don't have. and i have no more tapes (well, hardly anyway), and again, i said it a 1000 times, i am not on soulseek and don't accept other people's rips, save for dr freakowitz.

C B said...

Looking forward to new adventures in music. Thank you for your efforts.

Red Bol said...

I hadn't forgotten those 7"s. I was referring to vinyl albums. But I confess: 433 RPM says it all ;-)

As we call it here, its just a case of 'hersenverweking'!