Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sanctus Christus Volume 1 (tape, Timelord Arts & Enterntainment, 1995)

No doubt one of the strangest tapes posted on this blog, three 'olde english carols circa 1600', written and arranged by one Paul Dury. Religious music that fits the day.

From Eu Records



pauljdfactoryfan said...

Nice sounds for this time of the year. And who knows how this was perceived in the early seventeenth century: as traditional or progressive, maybe: ambient, punk or avant-garde? Who knows?

433 RPM said...

i assume your question is rhetorical? how would we know?


Unknown said...

Where can I purchase this tape, and are there any more volumes in Sanctus Christus series?

Great stuff!

433 RPM said...

well, for a start you could try and contact EU Records, since they sell it.
i have no idea if there are more volumes

Unknown said...

I've browsed through Eu Records catalog and didn't found it, though I'll contact them now. Thanks on your help!