Wednesday, April 14, 2010

First Circle Cass. 001 (tape, First Circle, 1992)

An odd package. Might be some kind of magazine, but it has just a bunch of loose papers, which I didn't scan. The music on the cassette is by Hex, Lebensborn, Snarp, Satori and Origami.



Unknown said...


i really appreciate your blog, its great someone is documenting and sharing this. I was just thinking to ask if you knew of any shops online that sold noise tapes? i knew of some but it was a while ago.

433 RPM said...

well, i sell some posted on this blog. rund um den watzmann specializes in old tapes (and vinyl) and korm platics has more recent ones. the websites are mentioned on your left (buy some here)

Steve said...

First Circle: This is Baz Nicholls and some guys who started Cld Spring in Northampton, UK. I've got some other stuff by them - private cassettes etc. Necer seen this though. Thanks for the memories.....Steve.