Monday, April 5, 2010

Due Process - RRRadio 41-55 (two tapes, RRRecords, 19??)

From Discogs: "Featuring Thomas Dimuzio, Ron Lessard (the man behind RRRecords) and John Wiggins, Due Process knows how to crank it out. While they can create a terrific din, the music actually leans a bit in the ambient direction, with lower dynamics and muffled timbres, albeit with a raucous pandemonium of noise just beneath the surface." These days the line up is Jason Lescalleet, John Wiggins, Ron Lessard and Thomas Dimuzio. This older tape, late 80s, early 90s I think was recorded at WJUL and WZBC and has tape contributions by Featuring Black Museum, Dave Prescott, Floating Concrete Octopus, Franz De Waard, HNAS, The Jamie Shalar Band, Korm Assemblage, PGR, Psychic Rally, Schimpfluch, Uvegraf and Violence + The Sacred.

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