Thursday, September 3, 2009

Chemical Disasters (tape, Industrial Platform Products, 198?)

This one is also from the world of Bart Hanselaar, who ran the Industrial Platform Products label. No doubt he is behind both bands on this tape too. I never heard of Optical Rotary Dispersion Profiles or Plastic Soldiers Marching. Industrial music along the lines of M.B. Short tape of just fifteen minutes.


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pieter said...

Hello! thank you for placing this article. In my memory this audiocasette was published in 1986 as a protest to the disasters of the chemical disaster in Bhopal in India and Tjernobyl in Russia. The label was owned by Pieter and Bart. Side a was mainly composed by Bart (plastic Soldiers Marching) and the b side by Pieter. The optical rotary dispersion profiles was equipment on board of a satelite to find extra terrestrial life on other planets. The picture is from a cave in usbekistan, russia in the neighbourhoud of navoy on which in the beginning of the last century a comet impact appeared which caused a lot of radiation. Therefore the title: Navoy's pleroma (in dutch: lichtvolheid)
The cassette was distributed around the world by K2 in Den Bosch, The Netherlands.