Friday, September 11, 2009

Bxg Cxty Orchxstrx - So Much Quicker Than Tomorrow (tape, Ecto Tapes, 19??)

Recently I got an e-mail from someone saying he was moving to another country, and wether I'd be interested in receiving a small box of tapes. Well, of course. Some of them seemed to be a demo of sort, but I transferred eigth of them, which I will post as of today until they run out. The reason to post this Big City Orchestra today is to state they are playing in Amsterdam tomorrow at Overtoom 301 as part of a benefit for DFM radio, with special guest The Silverman (The Legendary Pink Dots). I am not sure I indexed it all like its supposed to be, but I'll ask Das whenever I see him on his tour (they are also playing London, Tilburg, Hamburg, and probably a few other places).


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Psy Guy said...

Thanks! Wish I could be at that concert. I still regret missing the LPD in concert when they were last in town.