Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Het Zweet - Fase (tape, Staaltape, 198?)

When I posted Forced Run two weeks ago, somebody was quite disapointed that it was so 'wavy' and almost exactely the same as the Staalplaat tape. He/she also asked about a c60 on Staalplaat. I don't think I have that one, but I do have 'Fase', another short release, on Staalplaat. Hopefully more to his liking. 'Massive Trance' soon.



hogon said...

First of all, the disappointment was not about 'wavyness' of the demo tape at all [or the lack of it] and if you want to quote me endlessly on that and be a bitch - do it precise.

Second, I fail to realize how does any of what I said in the has to do with you, so you that in the end - >you< would get offended? The remark was merely suppose to mean "Damn, I thought I'll hear more new stuff from mr. Van Oers", there was certainly no >you< in it, whatsoever.

Yes, blogs are mostly places of monologues and the content of blogs is almost always closely intertwined with the personalities of people that run them, but you [433 RPM] wasn't really anywhere near my mind when I wrote that unfortunate sentence. Sorry to disappoint you. So I think that this personal narrative of yours gets a wee bit out of hand when you start implying connections of that sort.


433 RPM said...

don't worry, i wasn't offended. i thought it was rather amusing and good reason to post 'fase' and 'massive trance' (tomorrow perhaps)


Absolute Ruler said...
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433 RPM said...

as i reported to various sources, inc the ones you mentioned: no i have no idea where he is