Friday, December 5, 2008

Peter Sterk - Dwarsklanken (tape, 1987)

I think I bought this at the V2 shop when they were having a sale. I have no idea who Peter Sterk is is, but this is the music of an exhibition from 1987 in Rotterdam, produced by two tapes of a different length which constantly produce a different composition, which move like a perpetuum mobile. A great tape, a bit like the previously posted Hans van Eck or Gilbert/Lewis - Mzui, or hey, why not Roland Kayn.


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Anonymous said...

He's a 'serious' player of the piano. During the nineties he became a 'steady' member of R:IP, the Rotterdam Improvisatie Poel. Lots of people call him 'Steven', but as far as I know (experienced), he never 'got' it. Last person in the world to drive a NSU-car:

Karl Kraut