Tuesday, December 9, 2008

De Fabriek - Ekko (tape, De Fabriek Records & Tapes, 1987)

De Fabriek are a very recloose band, and hardly performed live. But they did, I think three times and all are documented on tape. Although I think main man Richard van Dellen was never there, it was mainly done by, again I think, Klaas Mons (of Solenoid) and perhaps Peter van Vliet (Mekanik Kommando) and others who I don't know. Unindexed



Anonymous said...

I look forward to this here as I really enjoyed #'s 1 + 4. Thank You!

Jopie said...

Live at Ekko - Utrecht - an evening with Mekanik kommando & Edward Ka-Spell - the performances were recorded by the NOS Dutch broadcasting organisation for De Bovenbouw Radio 4 - 29 December 1986, says the scanned sleeve info. A real suprise to find out it was distributed on cassette! The Fabriek noisers on this evening were all from Harderwijk.

Two other recordings of live performances can be found elsewhere on this site:
De Fabriek - Live Conradstraat
De Fabriek live De Melkweg; Amsterdam 13 August 1988 on a split cassette with Vivenza.

I remember 2 live performances which I have never seen distributed:
De Fabriek live at Het Langhuis - centre for contemporary & experimental arts - Zwolle. Year approximately end 83 or start of 84 - part of a 4? week exhibition with paintings by A.D. Eker, early core member & Weekly live performances with De Fabriek, Nexda, Solenoid and maybe others.
De Fabriek - Live Chillum - Rotterdam - year unknown.