Thursday, May 7, 2020

Ruzie (cassette, Ruziek Cassettes ‎#1, 1981)

About 90% what you find on this blog was ripped by the same group of a few enthusiasts, using each others technology. For the next few posts, until I say differently, I will post stuff from a good friend of mine, who has some interesting stuff. The first few were released by Ruziek Cassettes from Utrecht, The Netherlands. This label was run by JP Kuil. This is a highly obscure label where experiment and punk went easily together. Kuil was part of Vacuum, the punk band with a drum machine and which we will meet more over the next few posts. There were ties to the city of Groningen (I assume that's where Kuil came from), so we will see some of that too. Like the previous post, this is an fine collection of experiments and lo-fi rock, punk etc. So far, I only heard one release, 'The Only Good Drummer Is A Dead Drummer', so I am excited to finally post some more of this label. This is a great compilation to start with.

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