Wednesday, December 18, 2019

z.B.u.ä with Kapotte Muziek - Unformal Sound Report #5 (cassette, 1991)

I don't make enough space for advertising other great blogs, but Bleak Bliss a great blog for obscure music. I stumbled upon this post and it says: ""Original cassette was 'Unformal Sound Report #5', which was released at 5/Feb/'91 and contained 2 long pieces. Each parts were reformed concerning each themes." I have no idea what Unformal Sound Report was ..."
Luckily we do! Thanks to the archives of Kapotte Muziek we can present this highly obscure cassette (not yet on Discogs; and yes, someone will add it and then some other smart person will post a comment 'it is on Discogs, dude' and then that comment gets deleted) and it includes the original cassette cover, the backside with a comment, and a handwritten cover with more information. Mister Kapotte Muziek couldn't remember much about this project when asked. Must be the age, I guess.


badgerstump said...

Genius! Thanks a load :)

zoot horn rollo said...

thanks for sharing strange music,
love it

zoot horn rollo said...

thanx for sharing bizarre sounds