Monday, September 2, 2019

De Zandkorrels (cassette)

From the person who gave me this tape: "De Zandkorrels were the Black Sheep after Geoff Leigh left, for normal people. They had a set in the dutch language with simple songs (i think Colin McClure wrote all the songs, later i when i joined them for some gig i noticed the all had exactly the chords, something like A/D/E, Colin joined Dull Schicksal a few years later)."


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Koloristen said...

Man! I owe you a big thanks for this one. Been looking for it since the late 90s! Had it once, bought it from Recommended of UK. I like it a lot and played it often. "Trix" has been ringing in my ears for years. Can't remember how I lost it. As far as I recall the cover of the tape was different from this one, I think it was printed and with colors. Black Sheep too was an awfully good band. Would you guess any release date as for this one? 81'?82'83'?