Friday, July 26, 2019

Forever Einstein - 1/2 Album Cassette (cassette, ??)

Different than the band listed on Discogs; this trio is C.W. Vrtacek (amplified acoustic guitar), Marc Sichel (bass) and John Roulat (drums & percussion)


northfieldhat said...

I think discogs is slightly wrong. C.W. Vrtacek is on the first album in 82.
He has always been their main composer. To me, Vrtacek IS Forever Einstein.

northfieldhat said...

Further, C.W. Vrtacek IS Charles O'Meara. It's a fake name to sound cooler
and advanced.

Razz said...

Can this be reuploaded?

433 RPM said...

it is available, like it was. if you are from italy uk or germany, you may need to do a work around. see this post