Friday, May 31, 2013

Process / DAT Politics ‎– Split Series #9 (12", FatCat Records ‎12FAT034, 1999)


Alexei Luthor said...

Link's dead

433 RPM said...

We have used Megaupload in the past and therefore many links are currently unavailable. Mediafire has suspended all links on August 14 2012, so none are available - another set back. Since share sites are becoming increasingly unstable, you can send an e-mail with a few requests of older and deleted posts and I will send them through a private 1:1 server. Please don't call it an re-up request and i don't need lengthy explanations of why you want something. Just a short list. So leaving a comment is useless, as I can't send this file then. You can't submit a long list of requests, just a few every now and then. Music is to be heard, not collected. If you didn't read this, fine, but just don't expect a proper reply. Oh, did I mention that leaving a comment with a re-up request is useless? That they will deleted? Maybe I didn't. COMMENTS WITH RE-UP REQUESTS WILL BE DELETED..