Monday, January 14, 2013

Em - B-Movies (tape, Top Tape, 1986)

I got this directly from Menko Konings, the man who was Em, after a brief career with S.M. Nurse. I posted some of his great electronic pop music before. This one is not on discogs. You can find more information here and here



Holly said...

Thank you!

prndhmnbrn said...

thanks a lot! quality is just perfect! ...sooo great...amazing mix of garage / rock n roll / funk / minimal post-punk / synth-pop! ...any chance to see "To, To New York" tape or something from S.M. Nurse and No Honey From These?

433 RPM said...

you are asking for something that can easily be solved. try and read the reup policy for instance

Anonymous said...

I want to thank you for posting this, and other obscure and wonderful cassettes like this. It is these completely unknown, or almost, tapes that you upload that are really interesting.

I love the Atom Cristal tapes, and that Cristal / Satellite split you posted unindexed.

Even one cassette of a person playing solo piano in a church somewhere in the Netherlands, fantastic.

50 Gates by Z'ev is a real treasure of cassette history in my life, I bought that when it came out.

You do exceptional work 433rpm, thank you for all of it.