Sunday, October 28, 2012

Otto J.E. Grunbauer & M. Kruijswijk - Time Ticket (tape, L'Agence Des Refuses ADR 020, 1983)

This tape I found one day in my mail box, the one on the door not the digital one as I rip everything myself, unlike many others. I have no idea who Maarten Kruijswijk is, but he plays percussion here. Otto J.E. Grunbauer used to have his own label, Red Rat Recordings, producing a vast amount of tapes. Himself he's mainly an improviser but also poet. His website is here.
Unfortunately I don't have that much of his label or of his own music. He plays piano, mouth organ, tape organ and concertina here. Plus a bunch of guests including one man punk band Belch, Quinten Dierick.

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