Wednesday, September 5, 2012

On-Slaught No. 3 (tape, Idiosyncratics, 1983?)

Much to my surprise this is not on Discogs. It has music by Alan R, Ken Montogomery & Stephen Tischler, Neef, Stephen Spera, TV Toy, Hidden Agenda, Peter Catham, Atomic Thinkers, Brent Wilcox, KMZ, Ken Montgomery & Sid Meyerson, Savage Republic, Afterimage and Port Said. Full scan of the magazine.

not on discogs


Roetoes said...

I don't know anything about this tape, but in general Discogs is missing much of the more unknown material.

Lief Coose said...

Dank je wel.

Cresh Wainright said...

To me, it s better that discogs doesnt have it, or anything else that is classis New Wave. Can you see if you can post The Oblique Collection, from 1983-4, it has classis songs by Dokument and Sleep Chamber. Ha ha, unfortunately, discogs has it. Hope you get a hold of it for this site, which is aces!