Sunday, August 22, 2010

Die Johannistanzer (tape, 1983)

Curious raw electronic music, with casio VLtone 1 and voice. From Germany.

From Eu Records



NĂ©antror said...

do you use dolby noise reduction ? : )

433 RPM said...

no. but keep in mind that recordings like this are 27 years old and sometimes copied on the cheapest tapes possible. so sound quality is sometimes not entirely CD quality. i don't 'brush' it up.


Lycanthrope said...

This is some weird stuff, I like the last track best, thanks for the opportunity to listen to this one.

C B said...

I've always liked how old tape can warm up 80s electronic stuff. Perhaps that is not what the artists intended, but it gives the music a unique contradictory feel not heard on vinyl or cd releases.