Sunday, May 9, 2010

Six Singles

We interrupt the flow from Eu Records with this anonymous donation from someone who I know and trust to deliver the real thing. Six 7" records. First there is the 7" noise compilation 'Easter, Puberty & Amplifiers, with Dog, Hyware, To Live And Shave In LA, The Flying Luttenbachers, ASM, Duotron, K Salvatore, Malta, Noggin, Rock Paper Scissors and Cock ESP. Each have a 1 minute track. Released by Ignivomous Records.
Also a compilation is 'Is It Safe 2' by Body Records (001), with Vomito Negro, Bill Pritchard, Absolute Body Control, Nicky Ricci's, The Klinik, The Splatters, Vita Noctis.
Then there is a limited 7" by Hyware on the Dutch Lab records label (003, 1995), with quite some noise, partly recorded live and a split 7" by Hyware and noise Armenia. Later Hyware evolved into Technoise, of which there is a 7" included here too. Radboud Mens' rework of Kapotte Muziek was released by Korm Plastics in 1997.

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Billy Belman said...

I ran Ignivomous Records and compiled most of the music on Easter, Puberty & Amplifiers. Glad to see it still has some life to it.

kevinesse said...

great post! thank you