Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Bearburger (tape, Uniton Records U018, 1983)

Norway's Uniton label mainly released vinyl, and Discogs doesn't list this cassettem but it lists a compilation on the same label with a track from this cassette (plus another compilation with them). The music is quite nice. Synth based ambient music, with small bits of rhythm.

From Eu Records



the_unknown_writer said...

I get an error when I try to unzip the file. Could there be an error in the compression?

433 RPM said...

i put up a new zip, hopefully it works better. send me an e-mail, not a comment, please.

C B said...

This is a wonderful tape. Thank you!

NXP said...

This is Bjørn Sorknes (at that time in Fra Lippo Lippi and Holy Toy) solo. It came only out as cassette in 1983 and as you write, one track was included on the compilation LP; Burning Of The Midnight Sun (U 020)

Uniton Records discography here; (in Norwegian. After each catalogue number there is the artists name and then the title. Diverse artister is Norwegian for various artists.)

Samuel Miers said...

Great Tape!