Saturday, November 3, 2007

Hans van Eck - Blind Area (tape, Decay Int, 1988?)

Hans van Eck was born in Zwolle, The Netherlands, in 1958 and studied sonology in Utrecht. This is highly serious electronic tape music, but it's actually quite good. Lots of silence and sudden moves, not much like anything I posted so far. I separated the a-side, but I hope the right away. The b-side was too difficult.



Adam Eleven said...

This is really great, thanks a million. If you have more of this kind (rare electronics, especially from tape--> never released on CD) please do share. Thanks again

433 RPM said...

probably i don't have that much of this kind of music. I used to have several tapes of this label, but not all. I no longer have them. we'll see due time


C B said...

Hey, just want to say I really enjoy this tape!