Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Dutch Punk - Fourth Post

So I said it would be chaotic posting, but this one focusses entirely on the city of Utrecht. The great Rock Against Records put out some lo-fi records, mostly 7"s but also LPs. The LP here is untitled and even hard to decipher what is on there. But with the help of 'Het Gejuich' I could name all tracks (although slighty inaccurate, but let's not bore with the details). I also added the 'Utreg Punx' compilation 7", that also included The Ex, one of the members came from Utrecht. I will only post music by The Ex when it's part of a vinyl collection, and nothing else by them. All of the material is on CD and I suggest you buy them all. The third one is a seven inch by the all female The Nixe, also from Utrecht.

1. Untitled LP compilation, Rock Against Records b1, 1981
2. Utreg Punx, Rock Against Records z2, 1980
3. Nixe, Rock Against Records, 1981



Anonymous said...

impressive blog. thankx for uploading this hard to find music. about dutch punk: do you have the Rondos from Rotterdam (Red Rat, Raket period '79 '80) as well? Well, I keep looking, Bye, Danielle

433 RPM said...

oh yes, i do have the rondos indeed. waiting to go out. i think the rondos are the best punk band of that era. but i am waiting for some live recording and demo, and then there will be 1 big post with everything known to mankind what they did. now that should be on CD! so hopefully soon