Friday, November 23, 2007

Dutch Punk - Fifth Post

Following the previous dutch punk post, we stay for today in Utrecht, with the three remaining records I have on the Rock Against Records plus one from a band that was on yesterdays LP. The Lullabies were quite active in a short time span, seeing these releases, one 7" and a double 7". The Megafoons played 'acoustic punk' with their great anti royalty statement. Their second 7" will follow soon, but that's a great pain - terrible music. The Bizon Kids was a particular favorite of mine for they had serious lyrics but also some great nonsense. If you are dutch you will hear it, and if you're not: too bad.

1. Lullabies - Next One, 7", Rock Against Records Z5, 1981
2. Lullabies - Double Single, 2x 7", Rock Against Records, Z3, 1980
3. Bizon Kids - Get Your Kicks By Throwing Bricks, no label, 1981
4. Megafoons - Nix Geen Trix, Rock Against Records, Z1, 1980



langekale said...

bedankt voor de fantastische plaatjes!

Maks said...

Wat een verschrikkelijk heersende serie is dit aan het worden!
Ontzettend bedankt voor al die ondergrondse (punk)pareltjes.

En van een andere orde, maar toch ook interessant: zit er op dit blog in de toekomst wellicht ook iets van The Plastic Dolls in het verschiet?