Monday, November 19, 2007

Enno Velthuys - A Glimpse Of Light (tape, Exart EA 021, 198?

Enno Velthuys is a somewhat obscure character in the world of Dutch electronic music, who released a whole bunch of tapes in the 80s, mainly on the Exart label from IJmuiden. Highly ambient synthesizer music. He is the son of the well-known children book author Max Velthuys. From what I remember when reading an interview with him, he said he had son which was a troublemaker and a psychiatric patient. I have no clue what Enno does these days. I tried separating the pieces but failed, so I made one long track of side a and side b. And unfortunately the sound quality is not the best around.



Unknown said...

Thanks for posting this k7, it looks interesting.
I'm looking for anything by Y Create on Exart Cassette (like EA024: Y Create - Music From The White House Vol.1), as well as anything by FNTC or Gorgonzola Legs. Let me know if you posted some of them previously.
I posted some Willem De Ridder and Hessel Veldman k7 from the All Chemix Radio series on my blog:
Do you have any other Chemix Radio releases? We could make a trade.
Keep on the good work.

433 RPM said...

currently i don't but i should be getting a box of tapes which i gave to the dutch popinstituut back and i remember i had some. nothing by chemix radio series - they were way to expensive to buy back then. i saw your blog, which was great.


Unknown said...

Thanks. I'll keep an eye on your blog then. Maybe even add you to my blogroll...

TymexPyres said...

This a very interesting piece of electronic work. The style is a little different from much I have heard. Since I can't find how to properly post a request, I will plead my request here. I would really like to hear Iron Curtain/Oppenheimer analysis/or Linear Movement. Or maybe Los inciados? Sorry to bore ya. Keep up the excellent work.Yours is one of my favourites.

433 RPM said...

none of the mentioned by timexpress mean anything to me. are they by velthuys or just other titles?


noisepress said...


you can find Linear Movement - Pulse Music 1983 here:

@433 rpm: thanks a lot for De Kommeniste and great dutch punk posts!

433 RPM said...

thanks for the link!


Y Create said...

Good to read about all the EXART cassettes. Still moving around. I worked on all issues mainly during the eighties. Some issues are great, some are dated.
My Y Create work goes on to this day. Rare to get the issues, but just start the journey for music that matters.
Y Create

dr.nick said...

thanks for this one! :D