Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dier - Four Tapes

I already posted a 7" by Dier, but here are most of their tape releases, at least as far as I know. Martin Hoogeboom, also ran the Stichting Update Materials label who released some of this, is the main man. Other members were P. Kok (of whom I also posted a 7"), V.D. Kruis, Goyaerts, Fakkeldij and van Deursen. Dier is a rock group with a good, healthy dose of experiment, certainly in their early works, 'Fragment/Miltvuur' and 'The Pleasure Culture'. Their later releases were more in the direction of math rock, but didn't have it for me. They also released a 12", called 'Hamer' which I have not yet tracked down, but I believe it came after all these tape releases. Since one of the tapes was released by the Dutch File Bij Vianen label, I also included a compilation tape by that label, called Dutch Vinegars', on which Dier also has a track.

1. Fragment/Miltvuur (tape, Stichting Update Materials st 002, 1981)
2. The Pleasure Culture (tape, File Bij Vianen 002, 1982, later re-issued by Stichting Update Materials st 010)
3. Squareroot (tape, Stichting Update Materials st AAA, 198?)
4. Ketters (tape, Stichting Update Materials stum DDD, 198?)
5. Dutch Vinegars (tape, File Bij Vianen 0-05, 1983), with: The '----', Dier, R. Vergeer, Lucid Dream


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