Monday, January 26, 2009

Rite De Passage/Necronomicon - Sport (tape, Fetisj 003, 1982)

This is the third tape of the Fetisj label posted by Dr. Freakowitz and a split between Rite De Passage and the band from the label Necronomicon. Tracks here are along similar musical lines, but the good things is that things are kept to 3-4 minute songs. Nice electronic pop/funk music.



Anonymous said...

You metioned a label called Necronomicon, but I remember a Dutch postpunk band that I witnessed playing live at V2 in the early 80ies (between 1981 and ;83). By searching at the ARTISTS section of Discogs
I find several artists and bands of that name but none of that period and none of them Dutch. Anyone knows more about it ?

433 RPM said...

no doubt the necronomicon you saw is this band, as it matches the period. discogs is still far from complete, but i believe dr freakowitz is adding lots of the stuff he posts here.

Anonymous said...

I probably got confused by the words in which you nentioned Necronomium as a label and I was writing about a band called like that. I vagely remember a second band playint at that same evening and that probably nust have been Rite de Passage. It was years ago but I do recall being moere impressed by Necronomium way then.

433 RPM said...

well, what i tried to say in my charcoal english is that necronomicon is the band who ran the label fetisj

Medicijnman said...

This is something to check out. I know for sure Bob Pieck was one of the leading characters behind Fetisj. He was the one with which I have exchanged all their tapes in those years. Another active guy was Ernst.
I don't know anymore if they both played actually in Necronomicon. On Discogs you can find some info under Necronomicon (5).