Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hapunkt Fix - The Sound of Neoism (tape, 1985)

From deli plain

A tape that directly corresponds to Vittore Baroni's TRAX/Neoist Ghosts: With his friend and collaborator Graf Haufen, Hapunkt Fix (Harald Fix), a Berlin-based underground tape musician and performer, had travelled to the 9th International Neoist Festival in Ponte Nossa, Italy in 1985 and created this sound collage from his field recordings. The zip archive includes, next to the sound files, his 32 pages documentary text and image booklet on the festival.

Harald died from cancer in 2002; for those who can read German, here is an extensive posthumous article on him from a Berlin newspaper. His final work, the sound collage "The Magic of Sampling", can be downloaded
from archive.org

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