Thursday, January 22, 2009

Groeten Uit Nijmegen (LP, Waaghals w01, 19??) plus two 7inch records

From McDoomey LTD collection three records that deal with Nijmegen. The first is a six group compilation with: The Bips, Bambix, Shanks, Poppi Uk, Maximum Bob, Frugifer, all bands from the garage. It was released by the local record store De Waaghals which still kicks around. From The Bips also a 7". In their ranks is the drummer from The Squats, and they play a song from them. Older is a 7" inch by Poppi UK, once an ultra hip band from this city. All bit too garage rock/normal punk for me, but not bad at all.

The Bips - This Time For Real 7inch no label. 2002
Poppi UK - Hip Hop Lobotomy, 7inch, Poppi Disk
Groeten Uit Nijmegen, LP, Waaghals w01

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Anonymous said...

Great one, thanks!
Bought my first live-cassettes at 'De Waaghals' in Nijmegen, often already the day after the band played Doornroosje.
After at least 20 years I'm still a regular buyer at De Waaghals; not in Nijmegen anymore, but in Arnhem. I'm the loyal kind ;-)

Shahi said...

Thank you for Poppi UK! I only have their "Sunseekers" (I got it in 1998)and can't find more. Unfortunately they are not so popular on the Internet and don't have their MySpace page or something like that. I digged around all the Internet :(
Could you give me a hint?

433 RPM said...

its highly likely that a band who no longer exist may not have a myspace page. since they broke up the members started doing other things. i don't know if you can read dutch but their biography can be found here

Shahi said...

Oh, yes, I've been there and all I understood was their discography - not so bad! :) But I am very surprised that their page is empty even on, no biography, no picture, nothing! Moreover, they have only 6 (six!!!)listeners all over the world (on and probably one of them is me with your compilations.
This band was great and now it is forgotten undeservedly! I don't know why it has happened, I think they had great potential and their music is much more interesting than many well-known bands.

433 RPM said...

i am sure none of the old members are aware of their page on


Shahi said...

"Blogger 433 RPM said...
i am sure none of the old members are aware of their page on"

You're write, they don't know, but I meant that somebody else who likes them and knows about them could do that. It's like a wiki, everyone can write about. But... nobody knows or nobody wants. This is what is surprising for me. :)

Joost said...

Presentation of this record was 23-03-1991 (youtube: )