Friday, January 2, 2009

Dirt Lib 1 (tape, Cliche Productions, 1983)

Some time ago, Dutch writer Martin Bril wrote about the 80s, saying 'your friend would buy an album, you would tape it for yourself and other friends, make a cover, color it and all of this on the dole'. I had to think of that writing when looking at the first (and only?) issue of Dirt Lib, a magazine and cassette. I can't scan the magazine without damaging it, so I didn't. Their idea was 'to capture sound and music on paper and cassette'. It was made by one Ulf Mappe, who is also on the tape, also with E23, Truuk + Mutella, Guy de B, Beats Per Minutem C.A.U.W. and H.v.Z. + Nettie. The sound and poetry recall the 80s very well. Its not the quality of what you, its do it yourself, I guess.


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Anonymous said...

Cliché was both a cool fanzine and tape label from Castricum, ran by two guys and a girl who would become Julia P. They also put out a compilation with (a.o.) Svatsox and the Biz Kidz, plus a cassette by kiwi band The Clean, who later signed to Flying Nun. Hans van Z. where are you? J.V.