Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dutch Punk #15

About a year I posted Dutch Punk #14, and after that some more Dutch punk, but they were not numbered. I can finally present, thanks to McDoomey Ltd, present some more Dutch punk records, and several more to come. This is a collection of the oldest 7"s in his collection (at least, from the ones he recently lend to me). Here we have:

De Kift - De Dag 7inch. Recorded in 1988. De Kift is the follow-up to Svatsox, and still a well respected band in The Netherlands.

Morzelpronk - Ralborsong 7inch. The band from Dolf of Joke's Koeieverhuurbedrijf where many Dutch punk was recorded. Not necessarily a punk record though. From 1984. On Ralbor Records

Spoilers/Mort Subite 7inch. Two bands from Limburg on a split record. From 1980 on Friet Records

Pandemonium - Who The Fuck Are You? 7inch (1983)
Pandemonium - Wir Fahren Ins Grune 7inch (1985)
Hardcore punk band from Venlo. Both records were released by Limbabwe.

Roeg Toeg - Stad & Plat 7inch
from Groningen. On Beltoon. 1981

Rufters - Pats 7inch
from Middelburg/Serooskerke. 1980. No label

None of this is for sale



Anonymous said...

OK, (anonymous)McDoomeyLtd wants to ad something; The Kift is also the follow-up from The Straks. Thanx for ripping my records ;-)

Anonymous said...

A follow up to De Straks? Who of the members has been in De Straks? I have known that band from close by but I don't recognize any them in the personel list of De Kift.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, really appreciate you sharing all this!

Anonymous said...

I always thought the first Kift-singer (who left after IJverzucht) was also in de Straks. But then again, could be wrong, since there are no names on both records %-]

Anonymous said...

Maarten, first Kift-singer and the one on this EP, was in Pistache BV. Other Kift-members were from bands as diverse as Rondos, Ex, Morzelpronk, BGK, Tox Modell, Gepopel, Revenge of the Carrots, Donkey (etc. etc). De Kift did play a (V/h) de Straks song around the time of this EP, I forget the title, but it goes: "Zolang iedereen een klootzak is, en iedereen denkt van niet..."!

Anonymous said...

(McDoomeyLtd:) So "Klootzak" must 've been the song called "Prenatale Depressies". At least that's how De Kift announces the song on an early live-tape I have. Maybe that's what caused the confusion on my side. (however, i don't have a Straks-version of that song). Well, never too old to learn something new about "No Longer Forgotten Music"