Saturday, January 31, 2009

1.242.285 (tape, Yura Kollektief y.u.r. 1, 1986)

In October I met a guy who asked me about this tape, and it has taken me some time to get it transferred, lots of tracks. The thing is about animal liberation and has some great, mostly unknown Dutch punk bands, like Pragma, Second Auschwitz, Diverse Artiesten, Fugitive, Louie Luis, Stanx, Squandrels, Das Breetels Happy tombs, No Brain Cells, Heartbeat Underground and Bambix.Plus poetry read by Dorpoudste De Jong and experimentalism by Kapotte Muziek. I scanned the entire booklet, but not all the other info papers on this good cause. This was released in an edition of 250 copies.

Not for sale



Anonymous said...

Loved it!
Thank you... !

Also, your audience wants more and more De Fabriek!

ONECHORD said...

yes, this comp is really great (as good as i.e. the oorwormer one). by the way, any chance to listen to more stuff from diverse artiesten?

433 RPM said...

well, not here. its one of those bands i never heard of before or afterwards..


Anonymous said...

Verbijsterend! Dat ik dit nog mag meemaken... (zanger Fugitive & Louie Luis)

433 RPM said...

ja dus !

Anonymous said...

Wat geweldig zeg! Noit gedacht dat ik mijn stem nog eens zou vinden op het internet! (zanger Fugitive & Louie Luis)

groet, Pieter