Monday, May 19, 2008

Lands End (tape, Touch T33.4, 1985)

One of the best labels as far as compilations go is UK's Touch, especially in the 80s when they were still a cassette only label, they released many great ones. What I like about them is the combination of experimental music, pop music, electronic and found sound - the latter making things not easy to seperate. I did this already a while ago, and today I was looking at discogs for this and saw they have a different tracklisting, but I lumped in a few together. Included are Nocturnal Emissions, Sudden Sway, Eliot Sharp, Zoviet France, Lol Coxhill, Det Wiehl, Suns Of Ara, Grame Miller, Frank Ricotti, Gilbert & George, Regular Music, Wolfgang Wiggurs. I'll do more of Touch tapes in the future.



Anonymous said...

i'm looking for
* Touch Travel
* Meridians 1
for ages.

433 RPM said...

you're lucky: i have them both and will post them. soon. not in the next month though, as i haven't made mp3s yet. i am quite busy for the coming month, so i prepared a lot, but not yet these 2 (or other touch tapes)

Capa Nostra said...

Always a great surprise. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

touch compilations are really something special. do you have the meridians 2 & magnetic north as well... ? thank you

Anonymous said...

i'm also really after the touch tape
Ritual Magnetic North
and the Seven inch buy Last few Days s/z

meridians 1 too...

would really love to hear those releases . so so hard to get hold of its really frustrating.


artelse said...

Great blog, so many stuff I have been after for years and here they are.. great!

I did find an incomplete Ritual Magnetic North of this series and would love a complete version. SoulSeek is still the best p2p community to find this kind of material.

Keep on blogging! You got me hooked already!

433 RPM said...

i am not on soulseek or any p2p, never will be either. just like blogs - the real free thing.


artelse said...

Have been away for some years and indeed blogs like this are much better than p2p. No more browsing nondescript file listings, having to deal with arrogant share policies, etc.

Love the descriptions and comments.. you're right, you got me converted to blogs.

Do you have recommendations on other related blogs?


Sound Genetic said...

There is a track on this that has haunted me for many years: Graeme Miller - Ash Wei-Ei-Wah, Ash Wei-Ei-Wah (Invocation Of Past). As I recall, a simple track, of piano loop and voices/sounds, but quite beautiful...

Anonymous said...

I too used to have the Last Few Days / s/z 7" single -
T5:45 Last Few Days - Too Much Is Not Enough c_w S/Z - Terrified of Soap - loved Terrified of Soap, as I recall

nice catalog here


robin said...

Thanks for this. These were incredible sound worlds.

Novemberer said...

If you could re-up this tape at some point I'd be very, VERY grateful. I've been looking for the Sudden Sway track on here for years, it's the only thing by them I don't have... Hope you can help?

433 RPM said...