Friday, May 30, 2008

Ret Marut - Interphase (tape, Decay Int 77c, 198?), Phase 2 (tape, Decay Int 44c, 198?)

B. Traven (dates unknown, possibly 1890-1969) was the nom de plume of an enigmatic Twentieth Century novelist whose most famous work is the novel The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, filmed by John Huston in 1948. The name B. Traven appeared as author of many other novels, including The Death Ship and the epic Jungle Novel series, which is a description of government corruption and an Indian uprising set at the birth of the Mexican Revolution. His writing portrays a bleak and violent world and is notable for anti-capitalist and pro-anarchist sympathies.
His identity is the subject of much speculation. There is important evidence that B. Traven was an individual variously known for different period of his life as Hal Croves, Traven Torsvan and Ret Marut. No one theory of his origins has received general acceptance; one theory is that he was born in Chicago in 1890, name unknown, another that he was born in 1882, a member of the German working-class called Otto Feige.

That is the wikipedia information, but Ret Marut was also a band from Rotterdam, of whom we posted some compilation appearance before. This is hardcore free improvisation rock music. These two tapes were released on Decay Int, also from Rotterdam and there will be more tapes soon on this label. Otherwise I know nothing much about them!



Mr.galle said...

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Anonymous said...

Ret Marut was the band of the Van Schaick-brothers (2 of them; henk and rob) plus eufonium player Jola Meijer and guitarist Matz 'Decay' (who went on to bigger fame, moving to the UK and starting a job as a McDonalds 'chief de cuisine'). They still play actually -not as ret marut- but don't do much live gigs. They were part of the Rotterdam 'jazzbunker' scene which also included bands as Dull Schicksal, Eddy & the Sewer rats, Debiele Eenheid, Climaxville and Figurehead.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see that some things are still remembered! Decay Int was our small label releasing cassettes of friends' music. I think back fondly of the Rotterdam Jazzbunker scene and the freedom that we all had at that time. I still play pocket cornet, guitar and percussion with some freeform musicians in Nottingham. Rob, Henk or Jola- if you see this get in touch! All the best. Matz (00411159119541)

Anonymous said...

Too cool! A response post from what I assume is (I know nothing about anything aside from the actual music) a musician from the scene (who deftly reflected that McDonalds comment - ouch!) inviting a reformation. Second time hitting up this link - lost the CD-Rs from the first go round.

Great sounds by the way - theres a terrible lonliness in all that wonderful freedom. More of this esoteric joy, please!