Thursday, May 22, 2008

Miguel A. Ruiz/Francisco Lopez - Rumor De Materia Vol.1 (tape, IEP 106, ?)

I am quite shocked to see the small entry senor Lopez has on discogs! He has so much and yet so less is shown. I wonder why. This is one of his early works, on one side while on the other we have Miguel A. Ruiz. Both explore lengthy experimental and electronics works here on this tape released by IEP Tapes, Luis Mesa's label. There is one more volume in this series with music by Frans de Waard and Micheal Wurzer. I'll post that one later. The second was limited to 45 copies. I don't know how limited this was. And oh, work wants me to travel away for a week, so I'm not sure if I can post everyday, but I'll try. If I skip a day (or 2 or 3) don't worry or panic - I have prepared enough for a week. If worse comes to worse, everything will be posted on thursday evening next week when I return.



Anonymous said...

*tape released in 1987.

tristan.koreya said...

discogs is what we make it : you're free to add every lopez release is shockingly missing ! :)

mupusan said...

many thanks for this rip!
maybe you haven't checked the right page on discogs? the López page is quite lengthy...

thelmo cristovam said...

Many thanks about this !!!

I'm collecting Francisco Lopez tapes !! :)

Did you known the names of the tracks ??

Please, if you have some more of Lopez tapes, post here.

Or if you known where i find some more ...

luvft said...
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Orfeon gagarin(Miguel...) Vs. F. López!!!
One of the best fights ever in Spain music.
I like this record.
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Just type "Hand beanies" at google.
I add you to my feed.