Saturday, May 3, 2008

Swab Sound Horror - Four Tapes

A big post today, but it's for die hards only I guess. Imagine Nurse With Wound meeting early Severed Heads and you get a grasp of the music of one Benjamin Jansens from Nijmegen. In the late 80s he released a bunch of cassettes, of which this is an almost complete selection. The best is 'A Ghastle Silence' in which he explores the NWW/SH connects through what is called 'pause button' editing, a very primitive form of sampling. That will give you a good impression. 'Chance Dying' is good but less impressive. The folder called 'Ants Irrit Dy Um' is lesser and include a piece called 'Onkura Veda', in which he uses sound material from Kapotte Muziek. That was released as a split cassette, with both of them reworking eachothers sounds. The Kapotte Muziek side is not included. All of these tapes were released in video boxes with various graphic inserts as well as texts which I don't understand. I used to bump into him in those days, but I have no idea what has become of him.

1. A Ghastle Silene (Ultimate Skin Labs, US 01, 199?)
2. Chance Dying (Ultimate Skin Labs, US 005, 199?) (including bonus tape)
3. Ants Irrit Dy Um (Ultimate Skin Labs, US 014, 199?)/Onkura Veda (Interrupt Prod, IP 04, 199?)



soundhead said...

thanks, this sounds great.

Anonymous said...

Could you please post the Kapotte Muziek split B side. Thanks!

433 RPM said...

maybe i will, one day, if i start doing some more KM.


Weld Opper said...

amazing !!!

Andrea said...

Thanks!! Could you upload info for these tapes on Discogs?