Friday, May 2, 2008

The Monomen - Hystery Of (tape, Tham Tham 005, 1982), Come In Handies (7", 1000 Idioten ID 9999, 1980)

For a long time I wanted to post the cassette by The Monomen from Arnhem, The Netherlands, but only if I had their 7". Someone borrowed this to me last week, and now I am happy to post this. The Monomen was the band before Van Kaye & Ignit, with Van Kaye, whose real name is Ed van Kasteren, as their enigmatic singer. Soundwise it has nothing to do with Van Kaye & Ignit, as The Monomen are much more punky and new wave like, with some resemblance to Pere Ubu. This is all they ever released, one 7" and one cassette.


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Anonymous said...

I like this alot. I remember you talking about them a long time ago. Your right though. This sounds absolutely nothing like van akye and ignit. But, they are really good. I really wouldn't know ,personally, who to compare them to. You know you are good when there are no peers to your sound. Thanks.