Sunday, May 18, 2008

Last Few Days - So The Last Shall Be The First and First Last For Many Be Called But Few Chosen (tape, Staatape OOB, 1984)

When Staalplaat (here on the cover spelled as Staal Plaat, funny enough) as a label started, the first releases were live tapes of bands coming through The Netherlands and who played in Amsterdam at the NL Centrum (perhaps known from the compilation LP set 'QED', which documents this) and the first two were Laibach (to be posted soon) and this one from the Last Few Days. I believe this release was not for sale for very long, since at that time the band was very much against having releases available. Two concerts here, a 'living recording' from Amsterdam and a live recording from Eindhoven.



Anonymous said...

kind of creepy but I wish there was some video footage of them during the 1982-83 period. Is there?

How did these Yugo bands make to the NL? Wasn't that illegal back then? And costly too, especially for a Eastern European band from a communist country. I'm sure these punk clubs in the NL were not paying that much. I guess Laibach and Last Few Days were some rich art students from Yugoslavia.

I never understood that kind of Nazi fetish that all those bands got into, very misguided and stupid. But in some ways that's a total Eastern Europe aggro attitude, nazi skinheads are still really major buisness in Eastern Europe and the youth culture that comes from there (especially industrial, punk, and hip-hop stuff) is always heavily into politics. Really fucked up places.

Anonymous said...

firstly in answer to the other post last few days were not as far as I was aware Yugoslavian but were in fact English with a penchant for odd names and playing in odd places & at odd times. The bands names were; S Gross, K Warhead, Fritz Haaman & D Styme. Haaman [which is actually the name of some 19th century German serial killer is also on 23 Skidoo’s wonderful The Culling is Coming.] There was a great story of them setting up in Oxford Street at Christmas with megaphones [which they used a lot on stage] to bawl their twisted statements at the bemused and slightly terrified Christmas shoppers. At he same time refusing to release records and play regular gigs. My friend saw them in the old Electric Cinema but they did not come on until 3 or 4 in the morning, this was a deliberate policy. He wrote to a long elaborate letter to them and in reply they sent a Xerox of a church bell and nothing else.

but the reason for this post is that the music I downloaded is not sadly the last few days tape. the first side has Tibet singing/shouting the lyrics to the song ‘falling back in fields of rape’ so it is probably version of current 93 the second side I’m not so sure about but it sounds like it might be Diana Rogerson [nww guy’s wife and at that time girlfriend I think] singing. I’ve checked the Nurse site and if you go here all is explained. side one is Current and side two is Nurse, seems this one is pretty rare as it was recalled pretty quickly.

lastly not sure if you know but there was an LP released [I think when they had largely called time on the idea] called Pure Spirit and Saliva Live - it contains, I guess obviously, live recordings which encompass stuff from the same set of shows if not performance.

Anyway – really great blog pls do keep up the good work. It is a huge enjoyment to scroll thru your postings.


433 RPM said...

yes, you are totally right, this is the current 93/NWW tape from Staalplaat. I made a transfer a long time ago, so I have no idea how this mix up came about. i have the real tape, but i need to trsnafer it again. i'll correct everything in the next few days
the LP i posted last year