Sunday, May 25, 2008

Cora - Ei Blot Til Lyst (tape, Staal Tape, 198?)

Cora is perhaps best known to Dutch people as the woman who talks on sex on the TV ('spuiten & slikken') and is the ex-wife of Willem de Ridder. When they were together she also recorded music and this is a spontaneous opera by her, with the help of Hessel Veldman (synthesizer), Nicole (bass, voice, percussion), Willy The Riddle (voices, whistling, percussion) and Ben Hollander (voice bass). Cora herself gets credit for vocals, percussion, bass and inspiration. Released by Staalplaat as part of the confrontation series. Nice free flow music!

Cora's current website


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continuo said...

Thanks a lot. I'm a fan of this team.