Friday, May 23, 2008

Streetlife - Act On Instinct (12", Factory Records FAC 97, 1983)

Lesser known fact is that besides Smalts there was another side project of Minny Pops, called Streetlife, which was Wally van Middendorp and Wim Dekker. They made 2 12" records for Factory Records, of which I only have this one. Breakbeat/Electro stuff, one track in three different mixes.



Anonymous said...

I was never impressed by the Minnypops stuff, much of it is overrated. But I dig this Streetlife single. I never even knew they did this. Sure, they were definitely biting 23 Skidoo style on this one but it still has some original style of it owns. It's cool that Factory let them put this out.


Anonymous said...

I just dug out my 12" and I also like Rico didnt realise it was Wally & Co nice Obi-Wan sample.


European Son