Wednesday, May 21, 2008

blackhumour - penetration (tape, Harsh Reality HR 128, 1989)

From the cover: ""Quote your sources." Human voice only. Digital and analog editing. No reverb, no effects. No speed- or back-masking."
"Voices - AMK, Alice Hall, Amber, Barb Fishcake, Das, Joanne King, John Hudak, Ken Gerberick, Kim Cascone, Lora Meyers, Mark Metz, Paul Dickerson, Robert Anton Wilson, Sharon, Tangie, Tina, blackhumour"
Less drone based more collage cut up.


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litlgrey said...

Chris Phinney of Harsh Reality Music is one of my oldest friends in the world. Please check out a whole onslaught of free-for-downloadable music he's offering at his website, and don't be afraid to say hello...