Sunday, May 4, 2008

Dry Lungs II (LP, Placebo Records PLA 021, 1986)

Following my very recent postings of Dry Lungs 1 and 3, somebody whom I know for quite some time donated volume 2. No cover scans, but here's a track list:

A1 Croiners Untitled
A2 Jeff Greinke Uprising
A3 Randy Greif The Hole To Heaven
A4 Monochrome Bleu Ballerinas Of Manaus
A5 Tim Story Untitled
A6 Controlled Bleeding Letters To The Life Cycle (Part 3)
B1 Severed Heads Clairaudience
B2 If, Bwana Beauty And The Beast
B3 Un Drame Musical Instantané French Resistance
B4 Asmus Tietchens Medienlandschaft 2
B5 Jarboe A Song In The Dark (Excerpt)
B6 YBO Trash! Crash!
B7 Hijoh Kaiden*



Over The Moon said...

Is this the same Placebo that SCG recorded for?

433 RPM said...

a bit cryptic your question, but assuming scg stands for sun city girls, the answer is yes


Kevin said...

I have Vol. IV around somewhere, I can try to dig it up if you'd like. I say this with hopes that I'll actually be able to find it, mind you...

Over The Moon said...

Yes, Sun City Girls. Sorry about that, 433 rpm and thanks much for the clarification. :)