Monday, May 5, 2008

Five 7inch Records from Cologne

Following the posts by Frank Dommert and C. Schulz here's five 7 inch records from Cologne. First we have Marcgraf's great disco stab. Behind this name is Marcus Schmickler. On the same label an also with Schmickler is Blockwart, which also included C. Schulz and Georg Odijk, still the owner of A-Musik, the excellent shop in Cologne. Frank Dommert recorded 'Hunruck' and 'Ramon der Monsterjunge' with HNAS from Aachen. On Dommert's label Entenpfuhl we find a 7" by Ralf Donert and Peter Wilbert, of which I know nothing. Their music is pretty noise, compared to the other four here. Four Square Logos had a track on the ;ive cassette on Erfolg (which I don't have) but released only one 7" on Gefriem in 1994. This band has Mouse on Mars members FX Randomiz and Jan St. Werner and guitar player Joseph Suchy.

Marcgraf - My Belle/Tambourine (7", Erfolg folk 2, 1991)
Blockwart - Neuntoter/Schwungmasse (7", Erfolg folk 3, 1991)
Frank Dommert & HNAS - Hunsruck/Ramon der Monsterjune (7", DOM V 7-08, 1987)
Ralf Donert & Peter Wilbert - Zimmerpflanzen Im Endstadium (7", Entenpfuhl, 1996)
Four Square Logos - Ingwer/Warmdesk (7", Gefriem, 1994)



paphio23 said...

thanks a lot for that and for all in general !!!

Weld Opper said...

yes! thanks so much!!!

heiku said...

Cheers-- am thrilled to finally hear that Four Square Logos single! Thanks for the post.

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charlespoet said...

Wow does this ever take me back! And I remember Nick, the guy who put this together. What a great guy. I was so stoked when he included me and still am!