Thursday, May 29, 2008

Surkursaal - Union (Pion Tapes etc. 1, 198?)

Besides being the bass player of De Div, Marc de Reus also produced records for other bands, he also had this hobby project Surkursaal. 'Union' was their only release, which he recorded with his brother Maarten. Its recorded partly at The Funny Farm and lists thanks to Top Dogs? (who had a flexi disc with Vinyl magazine, but also released a LP which I would very much like to hear! anyone?). Surkursaal gets help from various other people, but none of the names mean much to me. Pion Tapes etc was De Reus' own label, who also released a tape (which I don't have) with soundtracks from movies by Theo van Gogh, composed by Rainr Henzl, who did this until Van Gogh was murdered.



Niels said...

I saw the Top Dogs? LP second-hand here and there in the 80's but never picked it up, even though I heard some of it on VPRO radio and liked it. There's a copy for sale on right now, btw!

gillsam said...

Unfortanatly I can't find my copy any more, but do know that parts were also recorded in Marc de Reus's studentroom at the notorious 'Krakeelhof 5' studentfloor in Delft roughly in 1987/88.
Here the Div-gitarist Niek van Slobbe and Marc lived.
At least one person involved, must have been other resident and sound-enginer to the Div; Onno Post.
About Rainer Henzl; I know he played saxaphoon in the band of Hans de Booij at that time and that the Theo van Gogh film involved was 'Terug naar Oestgeest'