Sunday, May 11, 2008

Voices End Abruptly (LP, Chimik Communications cc 007, 1985)

Another compilation LP is this one with bands from Vancouver. Best known are The Haters (from nowhere in particular, really), but it's throughout a nice record with msuic by Redshift Subunit, Convulsive Trance, Blind Hunters, QRN, Fuoko, Coda 3 DR Ama, Words Of Anger, Human Remains and Debasement. The same label also release Cadavres Exquis, a more international oriented compilation, which I may post another time (anyone got a scan of that cover for me?).



Paraphrase said...

Never knew that Chimik did more than one release. Thanks for this.

Long time since I heard Cadavres Exquis, but I remember liking it a lot. Any idea if "Seppuku Gala" is actually SPK?

433 RPM said...

not sure actually. but if you have it, could you send me a scan of the cover? i have it as mp3s but no longer the real thing

GX said...

Actually most of the bands on this LP were from Montreal, not Vancouver.

433 RPM said...

all in walking distance :)