Saturday, July 11, 2009

Two Amphibious Records

I know I said something about double posting, but there is a good cause to bring these two your attention. A while ago I bumped into Harold Schellinx, whom I never met and told him his music and writing was always a great inspiration and he sort of sussed that I did this blog. He gave me physical copies of these two records on his Amphibious Records label, and asked me to post them, as a sort of add for the fact that they are both for sale from him. So ignore this download altogether and go straight to here to buy them. A pretty useless post, this? Maybe you never heard of them, and you want to check it out first too? Go ahead.


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hefferman said...

Both albums, including several additional goodies, are currently available as hi-quality digital downloads at Bandcamp. All paypal payments you'd care to make for downloading the albums or individual tracks go directly to the artists. Thanks for your care and support.

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