Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rob Smit - Raakvlakken (tape, Kubus Kommunikaties KK 017, 198?)

To proof yesterday's point about De Kroonluchters, here's the second solo release by Rob Smit, Kubus' main man. He developped his own four fold musical universe, some musical theory about time, space and such like. 'Raakvlakken' is his release in which he expands the music he played with De Kroonluchters in more ambient pieces. Also included are two stories, by Miriam de Vriend and Miss Andeweg. Don't skip those, they are not long and the one with Andweg contains also ambient music. Slowed down organ sounds, very moody.

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william e said...

I'm pleased to have discovered this release. It is thoroughly enjoyable, in spite of, of perhaps because of, the fact that I can't understand the field-recorded dialog that runs throughout it. Also, thank you for using a rather high bitrate (320).