Tuesday, July 21, 2009

De Kroonluchters - Daar Zijn Leuke Liedjes (tape, Kubus Kommunikaties kk 001, 1980)

Its not the music that makes this a classic release. Rob Smit, the man behind Kubus, cleverly mailed this release out in 1980 to magazines announcing this to be the first independent released cassette in The Netherlands, and the start of Q Bus, which quickly became Kubus. He wrote these songs, performed them with some friends and looked for a record company. They thought this Dutch sung rock music was too weird, and then Smit released it as a cassette. A bit folky, rocky and weirdo lyrics. Dr. Freakowitz has two covers with it, the original 1980 release and the later cover when Kubus restyled the label. I scanned both.

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