Sunday, July 19, 2009

Noise Fest (tape, ZG Music 5, 1981)

'Noise Fest was an art and music event at White Columns NYC JUne 16-24 1981. All material was recorded live at White Columns'. This includes John Rehnberger, Off Beach, Ut, Lee Renaldo, Mofungo, Khmer Rouge, The Problem, Smoking Section, Sonic Youth, Jeff Lohn, Ima, Jules Baptiste Red Decade, EQ'D, Avant Squares, Don King, Primivites, Ad Hoc Rock, Y Pants, Barbotemagus (as it is spelled on the cover), Economical Animal, Chinese Puzzle, Glorious Strangers, Built On Guilt, Fakir, Lampshades.

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NOISEBOX said...

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we share same interest in music. thanks and keep up the good work!

Dualtrack said...

This NOISEBOX guy left the same post, word for word, at my blog. He doesn't change links - only spams.

Ochyming said...


A reminder that SY and its members owe nothing to current wave of noise artists.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. This stuff is hard to find (and hard to listen to, haha). Some kind of sequel to legendary Artiss' Space sessions.

Eduardo Diaz said...

hey, is there a possibility you can reupload Noise Fest since megaupload...well... you know ?

thanks for your blog!

Eduardo Diaz said...

hey, is there a possibility you can reupload Noise Fest? Since megaupload... well... you know, broke. it would be nice of you if you can reupload this one. I can't find it :/

thanks for your blog! you got some gems around here

433 RPM said...

why cabn't you read? at all?