Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pure & Painless Pleasures (tape, John Doe Music, 1988)

And this one has music by Djo Le Chien, David Prescott, Minoy, Robert Poss, Illusion Of Safety, Jack Wright, Violence And The Sacred, Eugene Chadbourne & Jon Rose, Nicolas Collins, Thick Slimy Whisper & Qwa Digs Never Parish, Kurt Kelison, The Iniutive Bikers, Paul Dutton, Not Half, David Lee & David Prentice, Crash Worship, P16.D4, Brewlay Brothers, Zo Darsh.

Not for sale



New York said...

Think this one is on John Doe Recordings not FIAV.

It would be excellent if you could find that other VA tape on John Doe that featured Violence and the Sacred, Sucking Chest Wound, Particle Zoo etc.

Dave Bush said...

You're referring to "A View from Somehere" - I have a copy.

Incidently, I released 2 cassettes on John Doe Recordings. I recorded as "Patience Worth".

dyertribe said...

Hi all. I just came across this link. I was john doe recordings many years ago. Dave, nice to see your name. Drop me a line, Myke