Monday, July 13, 2009

Oracular Editions #1 (tape, 1995)

From probably an ancient website:

The Oracular Editions (OED) cassette label, dedicated exclusively to the spoken word, has just released Oracular Editions #1, an audio anthology of spoken word performance, audio art, soundtexts, poetry readings, etc. Oracular Editions #1 contains works by Paul Dutton, Robert Gregory & Jason Gibbs, John M. Bennett, Richard Kostelanetz, Alex Ferguson, Philip Blackburn, Warren Burt and Nicolas Collins.

Price: $10 (includes shipping). In addition to the ongoing series of audio anthologies, future projects include a series of experimental short stories produced for radio and a series of documentary tapes covering often discussed, but seldom experienced, natural language phenomena such as glossalalia and Tourette's Syndrome.
Please direct all orders and inquiries to: Erik Belgum, Oracular
Editions, 3010 Hennepin Ave. South, #74 Minneapolis, MN 55408 USA.

And today is the second birthday of this blog. Will there be a third? I honestly couldn't tell, but various people have offered their collections (parts of) so it may exist a bit longer than I would have thought.



Dualtrack said...

Happy Birthday 433 RPM!
You're one of my favorite bloggers.

tây bụi said...

I'd forgotten about this one - thanks for posting.

I'm sorry to note that you didn't separate the tracks right.

Track 1 by George Dutton is divided into track 1 and track 2 (I met my baby at the puppet show). Track 2 is then Track 3, track 3 is track 4, track 4 is track 5. Somewhere in the John M. Bennett tracks things get right again.

Thanks for making this tapes available.

433 RPM said...

thanks for noting this - anyone should correct this themselves, should they wish to do so.